Net Entertainment are unconditional fantasists when it comes to creating a brand-new theme right from the scratch. Hardly is there a software developer able to mix history with fiction, pay tributes to steampunk, devise exclusive offerings for specific casinos and seek for inspiration in routine daily things. Now the renowned developer has decided to touch a completely new and modern version of old-time classics – the Ugly Duckling – in an unusual wrapping called Scruffy Ducks telling a hilarious story about duck parents trying to handle their two children at the pond. Doubtlessly, NetEnt walked up to creating this machine with an amusing manner appending cartoon-ish animation, so that at the first glance it may seem that the slot is actually a flash game designed for small kids. Well, deep down we all remain children, that’s why this attempt on establishing the cinematic kid-sketch would appeal to a wide range of gamblers due to a refreshing vision on video-slot arrangement.

Gathering the whole image together in one picture, Scruffy Duck slots http://slotmine.com/scruffy-duck/ game masterfully revolves the designing around blue-coloured hues as to remind players of the main centre of attention in the form of the pond while the background painting actually displays forest waters with some ripples animatedly fading on the surface. It goes without saying that NetEnt placed much effort on coming up with such impressing graphics because Scruffy Duck authentically resembles some sort of a film where the main character happens to be the gaming reels. For the most part, the machine could leave such a strong impression conquering even extra-experienced gamblers with this casual atmosphere of reckless peace dwelling across the place where scruffy ducks live. But speaking broadly, Scruffy Duck slot is a game reaching far beyond catchy graphics because NetEnt have stuffed the game with a plenty of additional elements.

Scruffy Duck is ready to place gamblers on a conventional set consisting of a 5x3 grid with fixed 25 win-lines meaning no options in terms of customising the number of active stings provided. But things turn in an unexpected twist as soon as you encounter the bonus topping hidden behind conventional spinning. Not only can you take advantage of three different types of Wild symbols, but also there’s a preceding mini-game opening the performance for Free Spin rounds. NetEnt brilliantly combined traditional rolling with unprecedented in uniqueness additional features, therefore amazing gambling session is definitely guaranteed, yet if you are no slot master, some features might appear quite twisted in delivery, so let’s get deeper into the duck pond and find out what benefits have been prepared for the gameplay.

Interesting features

Why not acknowledge appealing setting besides actual bonus features as the realism included in the resulting picture cannot be omitted in the discussion. Scruffy Duck slot machine puts it in a cinematic direction surprisingly confined to the boundaries of a browser platform which truly strikes minds regarding how much realism the interface gives to the screens. It becomes clear that each gaming detail all the way down to in-game symbols has been carefully drawn that in turn happens to be the main benefactor of the naturalism in object movement. Symbols here are saturated and display a juicy image of the duck family which makes Scruffy Duck a game with a real plot. However, you might be particularly interested in gameplay moments, but fear not because the meaty part of this review is devoted to featurising inside the machine. Here you will find Expanding Wilds, a couple of massive replacers occupying much space, mini-game played before the free spins and bonus rounds.

In the beginning, when you get on the reels in a regular game, there will be two profitable features applied to combinations – Expanders to increase the potential of matching symbols and Scatters activating further free rounds. Generally, Expanding Wilds have no exceptional differentiating with a standard replacer, only here they come in a stacked packages overlaying the entire reel with three-of-a-kind Wildcards. In a usual perspective, a Wild delivers a function to substituting matching icons when they all assemble in a common paying line, so that the symbols can take the form of a matching image and extend the pattern by a couple of points. Expanding Wilds do almost the same range of tasks, and additionally they simply cover the whole reel of their landing. These beauties appear during bonus and base games as well. Returning to Scatters, they are quite plain in operation and simply act as a trigger for bonus game to start.

Speaking of free spins, they are given right after mini pick n’ click action where you need to randomly select an expanding feature applied to the whole course of rounds respectively. But in order to run the bonus game, one has to collect three plus Scatters symbols on the drums. When you are lucky enough to summon these icons, the machine will transfer you to a scratch-like section and you will see a bunch of funny ducklings swimming in the pond upside down. Clicking on a duckling picture reveals the additional prize forwardly imbedded into the bonus rounds. Overall, Scruffy Duck provides the following handsome features to be selected from – multipliers, low-win symbol total removal, random Wildcard appearing every round, double pack of any of these two features applied altogether and massive Wildcards landing fully or partially in tied blocks of symbols.  

Don’t be surprised, but bonus rounds won’t simply give you an expanding gameplay elements and leave you all alone with reels for you to boringly play through the extra spins. In addition to all these features, Scruffy Duck delivers three various Wildcards – Random Wilds that are regular symbols handling the substitution job solely, Expanding Wilds which we have already discussed around the base game and Colossal Wilds having an impressive function to stack Wildcards together in a unified brick so that chances for catching an extremely lucrative symbol composition get a considerable boost. Each of those, however, come with a different purpose and there are also a few restrictions imposed on their simultaneous appearance. Besides, both game modes allows all symbols to arrive in stacks. So, the bonus lineup comes across as a sea of opportunities with this abundance in featuring.

Bonus rounds

Scruffy Duck by NetEnt is an impeccable in features machine offering loads of action especially when it comes to bonusing. When you are in the base game, land three or more Scatters to trigger free-spin rounds and an additional mini-pick game. The symbols can appear in any row, but strictly on 2, 3 and 4 reels consequently. Shortly after, you will be transferred to a new window to participate in a fast raffle where only one attempt to make a choice is given. The prize reveals how many free spins are going to be implemented in the series (note that re-triggering has no presence) and also which of five extra expanders will be serving the action during the whole set of bonus rounds. Scruffy Duck slots game shows the following connection between rewarding and additional features:

 - Multiplier (x3 value) rewards with 15 free spins;
 - Removal Feature rewards with 12 free spins;
 - Colossal Wilds reward with 10 free spins;
 - Random Wilds reward with 8 free spins;
 - And at last, Double Feature rewards with 6 free spins.

On the bonus screen, there will be displayed five ducklings swimming in the pond upside down. With one single shot you select any of them and the machine awards you in accordance with the previous list. In case you have ever swum in the ‘specialty section pond’, Scruffy Duck slots have almost the same in function prize giveaway. The most important aspect about the mini-game is that only one feature can be selected, and it happens in a blind-folded manner. Here’s the full review on what casino players can fetch from the random giveaway.



Double Feature

This element gives the least number of non-retriggerable free spins because the feature has the most beneficial message: the randomiser will bring two different features from the bonus list to be applied simultaneously, so that you could have, for example, a multiplier and a removal option at the same time.

Symbol Removal

The paytable is comprised of two symbols sets – low-win and mid-win – and this feature is able to fully remove all low-win card characters from the bonus rounds and ducks icons having the highest value will remain.


Nothing extremely exceptional about this feature as it simply applies a x3 multiplication to all winnings during the bonus rounds.

Random Wild

Random Wildcards are traditional substituters landing as a single symbol to replace for all regular icons from the paytable.

Colossal Wild

Paired with Double Feature, this set of events can become a heaven situation for gamblers as this sort of Wildcards appear in stacked versions of 3x3 or 2x2 packages and occupy the formidable part of the reels.

Rules and features

Scruffy Duck slots game incorporates five-reel and three-row environment with twenty-five lines in a fixed manner, so that you cannot possibly alter the value, but it doesn’t significantly influence wager amounts as they are still presented in a large range of options. Basically, you start with betting 0.25 credits per single spinning round (0.01 on a win-line) and end with a whooping 250 credits in a shot which is incredibly attractive for high-rolling players with various cash options. Scruffy Duck sets two major factors to be lain on bets – coin value and bet value. The latter is a specific number serving as an additional multiplier to the paytable entries. For example, betting on the fifth level would automatically increase all winnings by 5 and so on. The rules won’t be too difficult to understand, too. You have a comfortable sum to be wagered, then spin the reels and collect combination along the way.

On the whole, there are two main features throughout the gameplay – free-spin rounds activated by Scatters and Wildcards of different designation used ubiquitously. Free Games always have a prequel in the form of mini picking game where you choose an expanding element applied to the whole set of further rounds. The default paytable values reward in the following manner:






































Scruffy Duck slot machine might be anything but tedious to play even in spite of a cartoon nature seemingly childish for mature gamblers. This is definitely a rewarding story based on fairytale classics written by a famous Danish author, so you would appreciate a couple of dereferences in the form of uglies transforming into beautiful swans and the whole setting for the backdrop pond. NetEnt flawlessly approached devising of additional features for a mid-volatility machine, so you can expect regular sums of real money coming through every gaming regime. Scruffy Duck is branded, definitely attractive and excellent in featuring, so it all makes this game have potential for leading your personal top list of video-slot option.